Chain Mover Monday 5-21-18

Rise & Grind! Hope you had an awesome weekend and, to steal a line from Georgia Football, are ready to “Attack the Day.” Here’s a little info to help you make the most of your week.
We had a lady get baptized after church yesterday, and it’s always awesome to see. Growing up, we always baptized people at the beginning of the service. This happened well after, which was a little different. We had time to grab the kids and witness the lady’s rebirth as a family. As we’re standing there, I’m holding my 2 ½ year old son, Briggs, trying my best to come up with what to say to him to explain what’s going on. All I could come up with was “Jesus loves her and she’s showing her love for Jesus.” No mention of sin, no mention of the death, burial, and resurrection from me, that’s all I had. I was kind of speechless. Likely, that was appropriate for a 2 ½ year old, but I don’t want to be speechless when the time comes to further explain salvation to my kids. It’s further motivation to continue building my relationship with God, and I’m going to continually pray and ask for him to just speak through me and make it happen. I’m a big believer in being prepared for when God calls you, so here’s a few tips on how to discuss baptism with older children.

I’d love to give you guys 4 easy steps to benching 400lbs, but it’s not that easy for one. The next is that a strong core can save you a ton of pain and is the foundation for strong lifts. Show me a dude that can bench 400lbs, and he likely has a pretty strong core. He’s a great little gut buster that’ll get your heart rate up, and it also has a nice little hip stretch built in. 

We may have jumped the gun a little bit last week with the networking. How can you network without being able to remember names? I’m good with names OR faces. Not both. I’ll remember your name and not recognize you or remember your face and not your name. It’s crazy. At this point in life, I even have a hard time remember my friends’ kids’ names. I’m like Will Ferrell in Old School when he answers the question on stage perfectly. He snaps out of it and says, “I don’t know what happened. I blacked out.” That’s how I feel when someone I’m meeting says their name. Here’s some really great tips on how to get better at remembering names. The first one…be motivated to learn their names. Make it a point to do so.
Today is mine and Katie’s 7th wedding anniversary! May 21, 2011 was an awesome day, and the beginning of what has been a beautiful life together so far. We went out Saturday night to celebrate, and it was funny discussing that’s it’s a different kind of beautiful than what we likely imagined back in 2011. It’s more of a beautiful mess right now. We’re in absolute “kid mode” with a 2 ½ year old and an 11 month old. Many of you know what I’m talking about. I mean…we were home and in bed by 8:30. It was still daylight, but we were exhausted. Most people imagine having kids one day, but nobody anticipates how much work they’ll be and how your schedule and life will change so much. You can’t anticipate it if you’ve never experienced it. You could read every parenting book imaginable and had a puppy and all that, but you won’t have a clue. We likely imagined travelling all over the place and being semi-retired at 30, yada yada, and that oughta tell you how on cloud 9 and oblivious we were. 

​​Our lives look different than we imagined, but we love what God’s done in our lives. It’s better than anything we could’ve imagined on our own, and we’re so thankful. Love changes as well. You’re head over heels in the beginning, and you think you can’t love somebody any more than you do at that moment. The depth of the love changes though, and you literally become one with your spouse just like the Bible references. Sure, Katie is a stone-cold fox, but I love the way she loves the kids, love the way she takes care of us, and I love the way she supports me in everything I do and keeps my dreamer mentality in check. Those of you that have been married a while know what I’m talking about, and those of you that aren’t…get ready! Marriage truly is a blessing from the Lord as long as you trust His process and end up with who He created you for. Find the person with the biggest heart for the Lord you can find, and all of the other stuff will work its way out. Sounds so cliché, but it’s true!   

I’m currently putting an RV on my radar in some form or fashion. We talked about doing an extended vacation at some point in the next few years. Kind of a load your family up in the RV and take off on the open road for a few weeks kind of thing. Stay a couple of days per stop and see the country. I’m excited about it. I’m not sure if buying a used one is the way to go or rent one? Anybody ever done anything like that? 
Have an awesome week. I’d love to hear from you. Hit reply!   

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On down the road,

Chain Mover Monday, 5-14-18

We all love marking things off our list. None of it’s going to matter though. We’re called to focus on people over productivity.

Sitting is the new smoking. Although none of us are likely ripping heaters at the office from 9-5, the majority of us are sitting the majority of that time and then some if you have a solid commute. Here’s 7 exercises to undo the damage of sitting

With small kids, I do a lot of what this guy calls the “Grok Squat” to get on their level. I call always called in “Bear in the Woods,” but I can definitely feel it stretching my entire lower body and back. It’s phenoms.

In my line of work, knowing a lot of people is super beneficial. I’m sure it probably doesn’t hurt in your business either. You know what sucks…trying to meet new people. I always feel super awkward. Once you get past the weather, what do you talk about? I was talking with a really charismatic guy one time, and he hit me with “Oh man, nice to meet you. What’s your story? Tell me what makes you, you. How did you end up right here, right now?” I was blown away. It started unlike any conversation I’d ever had. The encounter was over a year ago, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I want to be that guy. Check out this ultimate guide to small talk and then read up on how to make the conversation and connection stick for business purposes. Skim them both and hit the highlights.
We try and take a walk every night after dinner. We’re a few blocks off of our town’s little main street area so there’s sidewalks just about everywhere. We get both kids in the stroller. Leash up the dog and off we go. It takes about 30-45 minutes to make it around our little route, but I treasure it. Katie and I both really miss it in the winter when the time changes and it gets dark so early. The exercise is great but being together without any real distractions is awesome. I encourage you to do the same with your family. Walk around your subdivision. Go to a park. Ride bikes. Do something active together. It’s a lot of fun and there’s some kind of bond that forms when you sweat a little together. I don’t know how, but I think it’s science. 

Welcome to the Family!

Marriage. Another one of God’s Holy institutions that the world often misses on. Even more so in today’s world. I know I’ve talked about my understanding of God’s love changing with the birth of my children, but as Christians, we’re referred to as the bride of Christ. Being Katie’s brother, Clint’s, best man this weekend gave me a front row seat to that symbolism.
Mine and Katie’s first date was in 2008, so we’ve been together going on 10 years now. I met Clint shortly after we started dating, and he was 18 at the time. He was a freshman at Young Harris College here in Georgia. I’ve literally known him his entire adult life (most of mine), and I’ve seen him grow into a really great dude. He’s technically my brother-in-law, but he’s a brother to me. The McNeal family, Clint included, took me in as their own from the first time I met them. I never experienced any awkwardness or anxiety being around them, which I know is not commonplace. There’s a genuine love and care between us all, and I couldn’t have asked to marry into a better family.
Clint and I have a lot in common, but in many ways, we couldn’t be more different. I have a blood brother, and the same can be said for us. That’s what makes family great, though. I like to think that our differences actually make each of us better men. We often confide in each other as brothers do, and I’ll never forget him telling me about his now wife, Alexandra, for the first time. He’s a good looking kid, and we were discussing potential girlfriends for him at the time. Prior to this conversation, he had always had pretty steady, long-term girlfriends. There were 3-4 girls that got brought up, and Alexandra was one of them. His tone of voice changed, his face lit up, and he had a hard time describing her. Kind of tripped over his words a little bit and couldn’t quite put his finger on what made him feel so differently about her. The other girls were similar to girls he had dated in the past, but Alexandra was different in so many really great ways. Problem was…she had a long-term boyfriend. Clint didn’t seem to mind. He was going to wait it out. I thought he was kind of crazy, and I figured he’d end up dating one of the other girls on the radar. I was wrong. Clint stayed single for what ended up being a couple of years. So much so that the family kind of gave up on him ever getting married. The joke ended up being that Briggs, my 2 year old son, might actually get to be a groomsman by the time Clint got married. Kind of speeding it up a little, it all worked out and I had the honor of standing there with Clint, and his dad, Darrell, who was the officiant at the wedding, which is cool on a totally different level, waiting to welcome Alexandra into the family. The whole time leading up to the wedding I never caught the first glimpse of nerves from Clint. No second guesses. No anxiety, and the dude’s eyes never left Alexandra as she was coming down the aisle. I can’t blame him. She’s stunning, but they never cut away to the crowd. Stone cold focused. To steal a line from Alabama football and the Philadelphia 76ers, he absolutely trusted the process, trusted God’s plan, and here they were about to commit the rest of their lives to one another.
Bringing Clint and Alexandra’s story back to being the bride of Christ, that laser focus is how God feels about us. God knows what he wants. He wants our love. He wants to take care of us, ease our worries, protect, and provide for us. As sinners, we’re nowhere near as beautiful as Alexandra was yesterday. We’re broken and ugly, but Christ views us individually as His one and only. His focus never shifts, never fades. He already made a huge sacrifice to allow the relationship to happen, and like Clint, he’s willing to wait for us no matter what.
I was very young when I was saved, but I can still remember that lost feeling. I can still remember feeling God knocking on the proverbial door to my heart to come in. Hopefully Clint wasn’t being a major creeper and knocking on Alexandra’s door at random times, but he continued to build the relationship. He stayed relevant. He knew in his heart that God meant for him and Alexandra (Aunt Zan) to be together. They’re perfect for each other. Like I knew with Katie, Clint knew from early on that she was the one. It takes some of us a little longer to figure out that Christ is the relationship we’re missing in our lives. It even takes some of us a long time to make it down the aisle and fully commit to the relationship even when we know it’s what we really want, but He’ll wait for us. Give up the fight, you know you’re meant to be together. Life is so much better once you say, “I do.”

Workin’ On My Fitness

So, you’re at the gym…now what in the world do you do?
I take it for granted that I was volun-told to take weight training almost every semester of high school by my football/strength coach. (Shout out to Coach Dameron, who is a Chain Mover. Love him and his family. Coach D sends me a devotional almost daily via text. I graduated high school almost 13 years ago, and he still fosters the relationship and uses his influence in my life to help make sure I’m right with the Lord. It’s awesome and greatly appreciated.) I thought taking weight training was just for football at the time, and it primarily was, but it has served me well into adulthood. I’m sure it will for the rest of my life, too. I gained an appreciation for working out as well as an understanding of basic workout principles. Playing football in college at Georgia Southern and Georgia allowed me to train under two more world class strength coaches and learn a little bit from them.
The link below is to a super simple outline that you can fill in the blanks for to design your own workout program, but I wanted to pass along some starter tips for how to think about putting your own workouts together while at the gym. I try to lift at least 3 times a week, and my breakdown usually goes something like this. On Mondays, I like hitting chest and back. Wednesdays, I’ll do legs, and Friday is the gun show…shoulders and arms to get’em looking good to cut the grass on the weekend. I’m usually super short on time and only have like 30 minutes to get a workout in when I can make it to the gym. That’s plenty of time though. Reason being, I super-set everything.
“What’s that mean?” I do 2 exercises back to back for opposing muscle groups. I also try to pair a push exercise with a pull exercise. “Well why do you do that?” Muscle fatigue. I want to be as strong as possible for each exercise, so I don’t want to wear out one muscle and then pile on another exercise for the same muscle. The super-set also helps me to get a little cardio in. I do one set of an exercise and immediately get up and go do my other exercise. I then come back to the first and might give myself 30 seconds or so to change weight or catch my breath. My heart rate stays high, so my body thinks I’m on a 30 minute jog while I’m lifting weights. It also helps you to not be that guy sitting on a machine hogging it for 10 minutes. I can never understand how people sit at one machine for that long and think they’re doing anything for their fitness. A couple months ago this dude did that on a machine I needed to use. I was waiting for him to get done and started doing my other exercises. I did 21 sets…21…in the time it took him to do 3! Frustrating. Don’t be that guy.
The easiest example of exercise pairing is chest and back. I’ll almost always pair bench press with pull-ups. Bench is a push exercise for your chest, and pull-ups are a pull exercise for your back. I also try to knock out the largest muscle groups early in the workout. Muscle fatigue is the reasoning there as well. You get more bang for your buck that way. Leg days, I’ll squat first. It hits nearly every muscle in your lower body, and then I’ll move to more isolated exercises when I’m done like leg extensions and leg curls.
“How many sets do you do?” It depends. For the first couple of exercises in a workout, I’ll go with 5 or so. I use the first couple to warm-up and to build-up in weight. If you’re going heavy, it’s totally cool to take it slowly. As the workout progresses, I’ll go to 3 sets because I’m already warm, and for things like curls and tricep extensions, you’re not really moving that much weight so you can get to your working sets faster.
“Reps?” I really like 8-10 unless you’re going heavy then I like 5 sets of 5. Going below 5 can get dangerous because you typically don’t have a spotter at the gym, and in the real world, we don’t really need to know what our 1 rep maxes are. The 8-10 reps is a good spot for both strength and muscle endurance.
“How do you know when to go up in weight?” If you’re shooting for a set of 10 reps, you want reps 8, 9, and 10 to progressively get harder and for 10 to feel like it’s the last rep you could do. Your muscles will get stronger eventually and get to a point that 8, 9, and 10 feel like most of the other reps. Time to add weight. Typically, I stick to something like 5-10lb increases at a time. You’ll know your limit when you feel it.
I know all of this sounds complicated, and if you’re just getting into lifting, it might scare you away from it. Don’t let that happen. As “Bro” as it sounds, lifting weights has changed my life and it’s really my only “hobby” right now. I’ve met some great people at the gym since you already have something in common, and it’s really the best way to improve your fitness. If you had to pick running or weight training as the best thing for your overall health, weight training is the way to go. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Muscle also protects your bones and joints like I mentioned about my back last week. Using good form and full range of motion in the exercises will stretch you as well, which we all need more of. It’s super beneficial.
Don’t know what exercises to do? Just google “Chest and Back workout program”, and I’m sure like a million will pop up. As douchey as can be, it’s got some really helpful info, workouts, and videos to show you how to do different exercises. Chris and Heidi Powell’s Transform app is great as well. I did it for about 3 months. It has the program built in and videos for every exercise right there in the app.
Commit to working out for 8 weeks consistently, and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it.
Build Your Own Workout Program Outline

4 Personal Finance Tips


It feels like life revolves around money in some way, shape, form, or fashion. My undergraduate degree was in finance, so I’ve always kind of taken an interest to how money works. It’s fascinating how our economy has been built on what basically amounts to a handshake. A dollar is worth a dollar because we all just kind of agree that it is. In college, we focused on big business money moves for the most part. As a small business owner, some of those concepts come into play for me from time to time, but it largely just feels like I’m running two households. Kind of like one of those dudes that’s dumb enough to try and have two families, could you imagine trying to keep all that straight? I read a story this week about a guy that bought a house with the same floor plan and furnished it with nearly identical furniture for his second family to help him try to keep it all straight. Hey buddy, how ‘bout just having one family. Anyway, with it being like two households, the need for personal finance concepts shows up in my life twice as often. Here’s an article with 4 tips from legendary personal finance guys. John Rockefeller and Dave Ramsey are 2 of the 4. The other two you likely wouldn’t recognize by name. The guy for number 4 wrote, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which is a phenomenal, easy read if you haven’t done so already. The bullet points are going to look so “duh,” but I encourage you to check out the full article for more of what the legends have to say.
  • Budget Wisely, and Give Every Dollar a Job
  • Pay Yourself First
  • Live Below Your Means
  • Understand the Difference Between an Asset and a Liability
Article Here

Sore Legs, No Equipment


Everybody hates leg day. It hurts. I only do it for two reasons. I don’t want to look like a buffalo riding a chicken, so vanity, and it may sound crazy, but doing leg work actually makes my back feel better. My lower back gets out of whack sometimes and will become inflamed to the point that I get tingling down one leg and some numbness in my big toe. I’m in a chair at my desk a lot, and I’ve heard that’s now considered to be as deadly as smoking. What if I smoke Marlboro Reds with the filters cut off at my desk? They cancel out? Your hamstrings tighten up and start pulling on your spine, hips, and knees more than they’re supposed to when you sit that much. I realize not everybody has access to a gym to squat or leg press, but here’s a workout that’ll smoke your legs and you can do in it your living room watching the Braves game or the NFL draft Thursday night. The lunges will stretch you out, and the wall sits will further strengthen your quads (thighs) to pull against those hammies (the back of your thigh) and balance them out. The workout explanation has a video with it. Bobby Maximus, the dude in the video, is a beast. I bought his book in the advertisement at the end of the video, and some of the workouts are cray, cray. I did one that involved doing a quarter mile of lunges with push-ups mixed in. Brutal.
Workout Here

Cooper Manning & The Holy Ghost


I had a Chain Mover (Thanks, Cole!) recommend a book to me last week, “Forgotten God,” by Francis Chan after talking about the Holy Ghost/Spirit in a post. I’m like a chapter in, but I love it already. It pertains to the Holy Spirit largely so far, and it’s pretty eye opening. Chan talks about it in the book, but we kind of treat the Holy Spirit like a third wheel. Like it’s the Cooper Manning to Peyton and Eli. “Oh what’s up, Peyton and Eli? Super Bowl winning, Pro Bowl, all-time great quarterbacks, ‘da real MVPs.’” Then there’s the “other” Manning that we kind of know of, but we don’t really know what he does for a living, if he’s athletic, or what happened to him? Did he get hurt or not get put in the game like Uncle Rico back in 1982? Like, what’s the story there?
The Holy Spirit carries just as much weight in the Trinity as God and Jesus like if Cooper had a couple of Super Bowl rings himself. Poor Coop. I had heard that the Holy Spirit wasn’t on the planet prior to Jesus’ ascension to Heaven, but after doing a little research, the Holy Spirit didn’t dwell inside Christians until Jesus left. It descended into the believers as Jesus ascended. I’ve always thought of and felt the Holy Spirit was kind of my conscience. Could you imagine going through life without a conscience? I’m not a theologian, obviously, so I may be wrong, but I lean on my conscience and gut as the Lord leading me through my daily life. Talk about feeling lost without it. The Spirit could and would “come upon” believers for specific tasks and for certain periods of time, but it was just around us, not in us, until well into the New Testament. As Jesus was preparing to leave the earth, he was coaching the disciples up and told them that “Another Counselor” would come and be with them forever. The disciples had no idea what he was talking about. They were probably thinking Cooper Manning, another actual person, would show up in the flesh and help them continue the ministry. They were used to having Jesus around to guide them like he was physically riding shotgun with them everywhere they went in life. Jesus told them it would be best for Him to leave so the other Counselor could come. I can’t imagine what that feeling would have been like as a disciple. You’re literally talking to God, face-to-face, and He’s saying it’s better for Him to leave you than for Him to be right beside you. I’d have selfishly begged Him to stay. As He always is, Jesus was right. What’s better than beside you? For the Holy Spirit to live inside you, in your heart, forever.
Chan’s point to all this is that think about how your life would look differently if Jesus were physically with you every day helping you make decisions. It’d be awesome! What’s even better is that if you’ve accepted Christ, then you have the Holy Spirit living in you, and you do have the Counselor available to guide your daily life. The problem is that too many of us, Christians in general, live lives that look no differently than people that are going through the day without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our lives should look so totally different that it’s obvious we have God in our lives. The joy of the Lord should shine through, but it’s often far from the case. I encourage you to let the Holy Spirit do it’s thang in your life and see if your life looks different as the week progresses. Listen to the Lord, that still small voice, and see if your decisions are a little different. Love on people. Be a light to the world.

Chain Mover Monday, 4.16.18

Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it! Even if it is a Monday. Hope you had an awesome week. You try any of the body weight workouts from last week? I mixed the first one into my workouts this week, and I really liked it.


Tax day is tomorrow! If you haven’t filed yet, you need to get on that. The IRS will ding you with a 5% penalty for filing late if you haven’t filed an extension. Hit up TurboTax, TaxSlayer, H&R Block, you know the drill. Taxes kind of lead me into the “Rule of 3” for productivity. I’m terribly reactionary in my work life. I’ll have a to-do list a full notebook page long and do my best to knock it all out. I came across the Rule of 3, which makes a lot of sense and is super simple. Basically, you write down the 3 most important items you need to get done that day. The guy suggested using a notebook to physically write them down because they can end up “out of sight, out of mind” in your phone or on a tab in your computer. I’m going to use the old fashioned post-it note and put “Pay your taxes” at the top of the list today. Why is the Rule of 3 better than my notebook page? The vast majority of the crap on my page isn’t THAT important. Buried in the 25 things to get done are 3 that are vitally important. I could get 22 of 25 things done and feel like I accomplished a lot, but the 3 items that carry the most weight would’ve fallen by the wayside. That’s the Cliff’s notes version of the article. Here’s the feature length article right here.


I have only recently, like in the last 5 years, really bought into nutrition mattering to my fitness and physique. I always thought I could just workout harder or lift more weight to outpace my nutrition. I have a huge leg up in that Katie has a Master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis on nutrition, so she’s great about cooking some really tasty, healthy stuff for dinner. I really like the Chobani Triple Zero Greek Yogurts for breakfast. I eat one every day and there are a ton of different flavors so it doesn’t get old. I throw in some walnuts and oats to make it heartier. My problem has always been lunch. I rarely, if ever, take my lunch to work. It’s something I’m wanting to change, but I have to break my day up and leave the office at some point. Lunch gave me a good excuse to leave, but I would absolutely kill my “diet” by eating some type of garbage at a restaurant. I put diet in quotation marks because diets are dumb. They always feel restrictive and you end up hating them. I try to make it a lifestyle. It’s got to be long term to see sustained results, and most people can’t stick to a “diet” long term. Think Atkins, Paleo, Keto, etc. I have a few simple guidelines I try to stick to in order to avoid empty, wasteful calories. My biggest crux forever was sweet tea. I’ve never been a big soft drink guy, but I would hammer some sweet tea. Chick-fil-a, as Holy as it is, still has calories, and their medium sweet tea has 120 calories in it solely from the sugar. Get a re-fill and you just drank 10% of a 2,500 calorie a day diet. I weened myself slowly with half and half, then ¾ unsweet and a ¼ sweet until I was solely on unsweet. Unsweet has 0 calories. I did that and stopped eating French fries, and I lost 10lbs in 4 months. Crazy. My other items? I try to avoid fried foods, bread, and cheese. That’s it. If I’m really craving something or the menu at a restaurant with a client just doesn’t lend itself to avoid all those things, then don’t stress about it. It’s more about “winning” more than you “lose.” Try to do really well 4 out of 7 days a week, and you’ll be amazed at the results. Maybe not in a month or two, but that’s cool. We’re thinking long term. I have a full-blown cheat meal every week. We eat pizza almost every Friday night as a reward for eating well during the week. It gives us something to look forward to, and it keeps the “diet” from feeling like we can’t live a little and be red blooded Americans.


Family time is super important to me, and I know it is to all of you as well. I know we have several new and expectant fathers as readers, so I wanted to pass along a few Pro-Tips. If you have one you want to add, feel free to post it in the Facebook group for the other guys the see.
Let’s face it, after the first child comes, your whole life is tossed completely upside down. Everything you once knew is toast. Life is just different. You feel like a deer in headlights because…well, you are. You don’t know anything about kids. It’s totally natural and expected to not feel an immediate connection with the baby once you get them home from the hospital. That first time you see them come out of the womb? Religious experience. But, after that, you’re just trying to figure out where you fit in as a dad. Best thing that happened for me was being able to give Briggs and Sully one bottle a day. Katie needed a break and the doctor said at like 2 weeks that I could give them a bottle of breast milk once a day. We found the timing to be best at like 11pm. They’d eat at 9pm with Katie, I’d stay up and give them the bottle at 11, and then it was back to Katie at 1am and through the rest of the night. It gave her a chance to get 4 straight hours of sleep that she desperately needed because let’s face it…waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night is awful on top of everything else that comes with being a new mom. It also helped start building a bond with the kids, and it felt like it gave me more of a purpose as small as it may seem. It was my “job” and I looked forward to it. The next step was bath-time, which I love. Both my kids love the bath, so it definitely makes it easy to enjoy. It gives us some great time together every night to laugh and play, and it also gives Katie time to get their rooms ready for bed and lay out their pajamas, etc. Teamwork makes the dream work, and you’ll learn that kids do really well when there’s a routine. Bath time must have…this little stool. The first week or so on my knees on the tile making sure they didn’t fall over and drown made me feel like I’d been playing catcher in the major leagues for the last 60 years. I think I developed arthritis in 10 days. Gotta be a record. The stool is perfect. Cheap and folds pretty flat if you need the space.
Hope you guys have an awesome week! Let me know what your Dad Pro-Tips are if you’re a more experienced father. Lord knows I could use them!
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Love Ya’ll

Keep It Movin’

Mornin’ Sunshine! Hope you had an awesome week. Been struggling a little bit on whether to go long form e-mails with more of my commentary and thoughts like the first few or to use Chain Movers as kind of a hub to pass along info I found useful in becoming a better person. I was getting conflicting info, so as any rational person would do, I left it to Facebook for the tie break. I’m not crazy enough to leave it to all of Facebook, so I posted it to our Chain Movers group. Three times more people said short bullet points with links, so that’s the way we’ll roll. I’ll sprinkle in a little stump preaching here and there when I get hot on a topic haha.


As most of you know, I’ve owned an insurance agency here in my hometown for roughly 9 years now. We mainly offer auto, home, and life insurance. I’m big on trying to educate my clients, and the community, on what they’re buying so that they can make the best coverage decision for them and their families. I’m astonished at how many people have gone years basically blindly purchase insurance when they call me for a quote. I’ll spare you my thoughts on how much I believe we should spend a lot more time on personal finance in our high school years, but that’s another convo….In doing a little research for something, I came across a really short, sweet, to the point article that does a great job of defining and explaining auto insurance coverage. Chances are that all of you own at least one vehicle, so check it out to better understand what all that insurance lingo means on your policy. It could potentially save you a lawsuit or financial burden in the future. Have any questions? Use me for answers. Not trying to sell you anything, but I’d be doing a disservice to you guys if I didn’t offer my experience to you guys. Article Here


Spring Break 2018 (SB2K18 for the cool kids) just wrapped up for the schools here in Cherokee County, GA, but summertime and the Griswold’s family vacay to the beach is likely around the corner for all of us. We’ve all got excuses on why we don’t make it to the gym (I only made it once last week)….well guess what, here’s 3 great body-weight, no equipment needed workouts that your neighbors will be thankful you did when you take your shirt off to cut the grass. Don’t know where to start? Do one Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next 6 weeks and see how you feel. If they get too easy, add another set or 2 to each exercise. Workouts Here


We had a really good sermon Sunday morning talking about God as our “Father.” You hear it all the time, and it’s one of those phrases that ends up sounding super “churchy,” but it really hit home this week. Having a baby is an awesome experience. The pregnancy aspect is obviously easier on the dad, but it’s often hard to really feel any different or to get too excited because you have to wait so long for the kid to actually arrive. But man…when they do arrive…the best way I can think of, and the way I always describe it, is as a religious experience. The whole God as our Father and a Father’s love thing washes over you the instant you see your baby, and it changes you. The sermon hit on all of that, but I skipped the link ahead to the part about how the Holy Spirit kind of facilitates the whole relationship between God, Jesus, and us as sinners. I thought he did a great job explaining how God views us as His children. Give Pastor Jason and the video a couple of minutes and see if you take anything away from it. Like what you hear? Back the sermon up and start from the beginning, which is about the 22 minute mark if you want to skip the music. Sermon Here
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Chain Mover Monday

Happy belated Easter! I hope you and your families had a great day hunting eggs, and more importantly, celebrating the resurrection of Christ.


The pastor this morning spoke on John 3:16 about the gift of eternal life. Solid choice for Easter Sunday, but I wanted to re-read the whole story. I encourage you to do the same. Think about all the other people in the story as well. Pilate, the crowd, the soldiers, etc. How’d you like to be those people?! Going along and even encouraging the crucifixion of the Son of God?!
Check out Mark 15 for the crucifixion story here. The joy came on the 3rd day though…Mark 16 here.


From my family to yours…Happy Easter!


Easter also happened to be April Fool’s day. I caught this article from Forbe’s on Twitter. It’s “10 Financial Myths That Should Be April Fool’s Jokes.” It had some pretty good info on general personal finance. Check it out here.


My brother-in-law is getting married May 5th, and we had his bachelor party this weekend. We had 13 guys at a plantation in South Georgia (many of whom are Chain Movers.) We played a little golf, shot some skeet, and ate a lot of great food. Being around all those guys reminded me again how much we need interaction with other guys. Tons of fun to share the camaraderie. I encourage you to make time to hang out with some buddies. Grab dinner, go bowling, or meet a buddy at the park with the kids for a play date. Your wife can’t say no to that haha.
Hope you guys have an awesome week! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to research out for you or if you have any questions.
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